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Build Your Own Hyundai at Centennial Hyundai

Are you a Las Vegas driver looking for your next Hyundai vehicle? At Centennial Hyundai, we have a wide range of new Hyundai models for you to choose from. What if you can't find the right trim level for your needs? Not to fear! At Centennial Hyundai, we have the Build Your Own Hyundai tool for you to take advantage of. Learn more about our handy online tool below.

What are trim levels?

Henderson drivers: not all vehicles are made the same. In fact, a single Hyundai model has multiple trim levels. A trim level is a version of a vehicle with a specific set of features. Lower trim levels are typically more spartan, with the essentials included like air conditioning, wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and more.

Upper trim levels tack on more luxury elements. Hyundai offers the best of the best with features like dual-zone climate control, a wireless charging pad, a larger infotainment display, and more. Consider your needs, North Las Vegas drivers. If you're looking to max out your driving experience, you can choose a plush upper trim level of Hyundai models like the Santa Cruz, Sonata, and more.

Build Your Own Hyundai Tool

Paradise, NV drivers: our online Build Your Own Hyundai tool is a great way to get exactly what you need. Choose a model, and our tool will show you the different trim levels and the associated features. Once you've got all the tools you need, choose an exterior color, and your model is complete! You've now got a Hyundai model fully customized to your specifications. We'll put the order in, and you can pick up your Hyundai model at our dealership.

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Don't wait! Check out our online Build Your Own Hyundai tool, and find the right Hyundai for you with Centennial Hyundai.